Winter in Ludington: Ultimate Guide

As you stare out the window of your Waters Edge beach house rental one chilly morning, the sun wakes up slowly with you, illuminating the lake views with a gorgeous orange hue. Snow sprinkles generously atop the lush forest trees and shoreline.

This is Winter in Ludington: chilly, sure — but undeniably charming, too. Especially if you’re sledding with loved ones. It’s time to switch out your jean jacket for boots and a coat. After all, Fall in Ludington is coming to an end. But with Michigan sporting some of the heaviest snowfalls, what could vacationers find appealing about a winter trip to Ludington?

We’ll cover some of this gorgeous, quaint town’s top attractions during the colder months, as well as packing tips and weather tidbits to prepare you for your trip!

Winter Weather in Ludington, Michigan

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December brings chilly temperatures ranging from 30 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, along with rain for a third of the month. Of course, you can expect snowfall as well.

This type of weather calls for all your winter wardrobe fixings like scarves, coats, and mittens — and as you progress into January and February? The climate dips even colder to 30 degrees, but even as low as 21. January also brings an average of 24 inches of snowfall, which is pretty much indicative of a full-on blizzard.

Don’t fret; we’ll get you primed and prime for the winter cold with our packing list.

Things to Pack for Winter in Ludington

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The last thing you want is for your freezing hands to take away from your experience exploring Ludington’s offerings.

Here’s what we’d recommend to include in your packing list before you come over:

  • Thermal underwear
  • Long-sleeves and long-johns; layers
  • Sweaters and pullovers
  • Solid winter coat
  • Insulated winter boots
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Hand and feet warmers
  • Heavy heated socks
  • Lip balm for dry lips
  • Rain coat for layering
  • Power bank for portable phone charging
  • Fleece inner layer
  • Flannel pajamas
  • Sunscreen
  • Facial moisturizer

As for towels, bedding, or kettles for hot tea? Leave those at home — Waters Edge has you covered on those fronts, along with plenty of other amenities like shampoo, cookware, first-aid kits, and abundant hot water to indulge in a warm bath after a cold winter’s day.

Things to Do in Winter in Ludington

1. Take a Candle-Making Class

Photo Credit: LindaaK

House & Harbor has been a Ludington gift shop favorite for many years. Find all your gift needs and home decor trinkets here, from artisan cutting boards, floral candle rings, lanterns, and, of course, candles. Traveling with kiddos? Call up the store and reserve a sand-candle-making class, where you can layer colors on colors and bring home a keepsake.

Are you a morning journaler? This shop has gorgeous stationery like high-quality pens and notebooks. Feel good about a purchase here because every $1 from each candle transaction goes toward combatting human trafficking.

2. Go Snowshoeing or Cross-Country Skiing in Ludington State Park

Photo Credit: Huron-Manistee National Forests via Flickr CC 2.0

Bundle up for this one; we’ll warn you. But if you’re warm and covered from head to toe? There’s no better way to enjoy a Ludington Winter’s Day trip on snowshoes in Ludington State Park. Park officials lead guided hikes and snowshoe walks throughout the Winter, where you can relish the park’s gorgeous scenery and infamous snow-covered dunes. Don’t worry about admission fees or snowshoes — the park provides them on a first-come-first-serve basis, and all guided walks are completely free.

A nice bonus? The park also hosts snowshoe-making classes on select November dates! You’ll learn the Native-American techniques that crafted snowshoes meant to last hundreds of years.

3. Ride Through Trails on Snowmobiles or Fat-Tire Bikes

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Michigan is well-known for its thousands of miles worth of trails. And when the snow falls? Trade in your hiking boots and bicycles for snow boots and snowmobiles! You’ll definitely need a permit to safely (and legally) traverse the hills on snow. And you should consider wearing goggles to protect your eyes. Riding through forested trails at high speeds with the gorgeous backdrop of snow falling? Priceless.

There are plenty of companies that offer rentals and tour services for both snowmobiling and fat tire biking in the area!

And if the snowmobile speediness doesn’t tickle your fancy? Fat-tire bikes give you the extra elevation and power that you need to hustle through those little snow banks.

4. Go Ice Fishing on Hamlin Lake

Photo Credit: oneSHUTTER oneMEMORY

Hamlin Lake, located just four miles north of Ludington in West Michigan, is a popular destination for ice fishing enthusiasts. During the winter, the lake becomes dotted with ice shanties where anglers can warm up. These small structures provide shelter from the elements and a comfortable place to fish.

Ice fishing tournaments are also held on Hamlin Lake during the winter season, offering a fun and competitive way to enjoy the hobby. The lake spans over 12 miles long and covers an area of 5,000 acres, offering ample space for anglers to spread out and enjoy the local winter pastime.

Many species can be caught while ice fishing on Hamlin Lake, including walleye, pike, perch, crappie, bluegills, and muskie. This variety of fish makes it an exciting location for both experienced and novice anglers!

5. Go Ice Skating Outside

Photo Credit: Ground Picture

There’s nothing to get you into the winter spirit like zipping around the ice in the crisp Ludington air! The town has several places to lace up your skates, including the public access 30 by 56-foot synthetic ice skating rink installed outside each winter at Waterfront Park.

Ice skating is free of charge and open seven days a week through the season! You can even check out ice skates at the nearby Mason County District Library!

Revel Winter in Ludington with Waters Edge Rentals

We won’t lie; Michigan winters are no walk in the park — unless you’re armed with a good winter coat and a pair of cross-country skis, of course! There’s something so charming about the Lake Michigan shoreline, with sparkling snow on the beach and changing colors of the sunset. Lucky us; we witness it yearly here at Waters Edge Rentals.

We’d be honored to host you here at our luxurious lodges and cottages. Don’t worry about the cold; our fireplaces, hot tubs, and lush blankets will keep you warm every night. Plus, we have wonderful lakefront condo suites in construction that will be ready for your Winter vacation in the new year.

Book your Ludington rental today!

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